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Passion for Purpose Course

A practical 8-step guide to defining your God-given Purpose

We believe it’s so important that each person find their purpose in life and are equipped and raised up into that. To begin that process, every summer we run our “Passion for Purpose” course, which was created by Dr. Liz Hill O'Shea and Will Linssen. Eight sessions long, this exciting course is suitable for Christians and includes inspirational teaching, assessments looking into your personal strengths, spiritual gifts, passions, as well as looking at what the Bible teaches on purpose. 

The topics we will study together are:

  1. Session One – God wants you to know your purpose

  2. Session Two – Discovering God’s will

  3. Session Three –Genesis of Excellence

  4. Session Four – Purpose-built personality and capabilities

  5. Session Five – Nurturing Vital Relationships

  6. Session Six – Understanding your life’s purpose

  7. Session Seven – Overcoming Difficulties and Expanding Capabilities

  8. Session Eight – Purpose in action


The course usually runs through July, August and September each year and each session lasts around two hours with homework each week.

Please note that this course is designed for people who’ve been Christians for at least a year, and is open to individuals from any local church. 

To find out more about Passion for Purpose, please email Liz at:



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