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Having just returned to live in Wales in August 2013 after living in South Korea for eleven years, and armed with a dream to start a church in Wales, Rev. Dr. Liz Hill O'Shea opened the doors as Bethel Community Church on March 30th 2014 for the first time. Together with her God-given core team - Mary from Canada, Michele from California, Angel from Chicago, and Anthony from Neath - we had a vision to reach people who don't normally go to church, and the church quickly grew. 


Within two years, we had renovated and opened a Community Cafe through which Sally Lewis began the Foodshare programme, distributing free surplus supermarket food to the local community. Followed by Friday night outreach and other exciting activities, and a registered Charity, Bethel Trust Port Talbot soon followed. 


Bethel Community Church itself came into existence to help the people of Port Talbot and surrounding areas explore the Christian faith and know God in a real way. We believe that Jesus Christ enables us to know God and receive all the benefits that comes from that relationship – peace with God, guidance, healing, forgiveness, joy and so much more. We believe that God wants you to experience life to the full, and that He has a purpose for your life. Whoever you are, whatever your background and experiences, it is our desire to help you experience the love, power and grace of God through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. We uphold the teachings of the Bible, while providing a modern expression of worship for today’s 21st century.

As a registered Charity, Bethel Trust exists to alleviate poverty and help our community in practical ways. We work with people of all backgrounds without discrimination. 

In 2019/20 Liz Hill O'Shea handed over the leadership of the church to Pastor Shaun O'Keefe, Pastor Wayne Morris and Pastor Michele Matthews but continues in the role of Founding Director of Bethel Trust charity. 



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