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Bethel Leadership College was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Hill O'Shea in 2015. It comprises of a two-year Diploma Course in Leadership and Christian Ministry for men and women who wish to train for their purpose in life. Not for the faint hearted, this course is grounded in Scripture and also includes opportunities for ministry training and experience. 


This course is available to Christians from local churches who have been walking as a committed Christian for at least one year and have completed the Passion for Purpose course beforehand.

BLC aims to provide a challenging learning environment that builds people’s skills and equip them to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ. We train, disciple, develop and coach Christians to fulfill their God-given purpose in life, becoming effective and productive leaders in their personal ministry and work contexts.

All our programmes are based on our DRIVE approach to assure a comprehensive and Christian equipping process:

  • DEFINE and discover God’s purpose for your life

  • RECOGNISE your personal strengths, spiritual gifts and authentic leadership model

  • INSTRUCT you in Biblical Truth and it’s practical life application for your work and personal life

  • VISION casting for your Christian service to do His work

  • ENABLE and encourage you to grow in your relationship with God

Diploma in Christian Ministry and Leadership

The diploma is a two-year part-time undergraduate course, which aims to equip those who desire to serve God in a number of ministry areas, including:

  • Pastor / Preacher

  • Evangelist

  • Children’s Minister

  • Youth Minister

  • Worship Leader

  • Healer

  • Men’s / Women’s Minister

  • Administrator


During the course, all students will study the following areas:

  1. Doctrine and Theology

  2. Relationships

  3. Bible Study

  4. Church and Ministry

  5. Missions

  6. The Christian Life



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