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Bethel Community Church


Founded by Dr Liz Hill O’Shea, the doors of the Church first opened 30th March 2014. It soon became clear that an important focus of the Church would be on assisting people practically in the local community. Soon after Bethel Trust Port Talbot Charity was established (June 2014). Many of the people that joined the church completed our Passion for Purpose course in the few years that followed and out of that, felt a real desire to make a positive contribution to the local community. Early 2015 saw the opening of Cornerstone Café on Victoria Road, a café serving delicious breakfasts and hot drinks, followed by the launch of our Foodshare project in June 2016, established by Sally Lewis.


Following the purchase of our own church building in December 2017, we were able to bring all our projects under one roof and August 2018 saw the opening of Jubilee Drop-in Centre, April 2019 brought the opening of our charity shop and April 2020, the launch of Bethel Food Store, where members of the community can purchase quality food at discounted prices. Later that same year, August 2020, Sally Lewis launched Hope Community Cafe. 


The charity has been entirely volunteer-run with all funds raised through the charity shop, jumble sales, and other fundraising activities directed entirely to the running and projects of the charity. We are grateful for our many wonderful and hard working volunteers who generously give of their time and energy to make everything run. Without them, the work simply wouldn’t take place.


Thank you for your support and interest in the work of our charity.


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